August 08, 2017

HealthPRO Business Leads Earn Industry-Recognized Supply Chain Management Designation


In July 2017, two of HealthPRO’s business leads —Kendra Frey, Senior Director, Materials Management and Kathy Kennedy, Director, Clinical and Clinical Specialties — earned their Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) designation.

Complementing their already vast knowledge, education and experience honed by more than a decade in healthcare procurement, the CSCMP designation signals a comprehensive understanding and deft ability to support our members and suppliers.

Ms. Frey, who currently leads the daily operations of HealthPRO’s Materials Management contracting portfolio, has held a number of roles across several service areas since joining HealthPRO in 2002. Kendra previously earned a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Management Economics and Industry Finance from the University of Guelph.

Ms. Kennedy began her career with HealthPRO in 2006 and now oversees HealthPRO’s Clinical and Clinical Specialties contracting portfolio. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences from Ryerson University as well as a Bachelor of Arts, Health Studies from Queen’s University.

“This achievement reinforces that our team has the industry-backed knowledge and skills to build contracts to the benefit of our members and suppliers,” says Krista Stagliano, Vice President, Materials Management.

Accredited by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management and the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, the CSCMP designation is the most comprehensive and industry-recognized achievement in supply chain management in Canada, setting the national standard for excellence in the profession.