September 06, 2017

Manitoba health regions enlist HealthPRO’s Signature contracting service for provincial initiative

In 2016, HealthPRO successfully launched its first Point of Care Testing (POCT) contract for glucose meters, undertaken as a Signature contract for the Province of Manitoba.

Working with stakeholders across Manitoba’s many health regions, including project leads from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and Prairie Mountain Health (PMH), HealthPRO’s Signature Services team helped navigate the intricate clinical specifications and vast logistical requirements for this large-scale, provincial initiative.

Following, is a brief interview with the two provincial leads on the Point of Care Testing initiative, Tony Roziere, Contracting Specialist, WRHA and Debbie Poole, Vice President of Acute Care and EMS, Chief Nursing and Allied Health Officer, PMH.


How did you come to work with HealthPRO on the Point of Care Testing contracts?

Tony: As a contract specialist for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority I have dealt with HealthPRO for many years, and, in that time, I’ve transitioned a high percentage of my contracts over to HealthPRO.

We felt that national volumes would generate savings.  If I can get quality products and goods at a better price, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing for WRHA.

Once we decided on a Signature Services contract for the Province, HealthPRO became, in effect, the project manager for the initiative. We identified all the players from across Manitoba who needed to be involved. From my point of view, we derived a lot of benefits from doing a Signature Services contract.

Debbie: I’ve collaborated with HealthPRO in some capacity for about five years and have sat on various committees. In my role with contracting, I’ve been involved in many provincial initiatives in looking at equipment and procurement in the Province, that’s how I became involved in this project. My role has been as a rural liaison. That started when the Province had 11 regions and has continued.

There is such expertise at HealthPRO that we could certainly use. So, when the glucose meter contract came up, there was a question posed: would this be something good for the Province of Manitoba and we agreed it would be. So, we reached out to HealthPRO.


What were the key objectives of the POCT initiative?

Tony: The objective was to get a replacement contract for the Province of Manitoba — the same glucose meter across the Province — and we absolutely met that objective. We’ve selected our supplier and put its meter through trials and picked one that satisfies our clinicians, meets our needs and scored the highest.

Debbie: The key objectives were to obtain a contract for the Province of Manitoba for point of care devices and to continue with our standardization. We met those objectives.

How do these contracts help ensure products meet the Province’s standard of care?

Tony: We were involved every step of the way so we knew we were going to get a product that met our needs—from determining the clinical criteria, to the paper-based evaluations, to the actual trials. Given how many health authorities were involved, it became easier to manage the project by having HealthPRO involved.

Debbie: From the clinical side, you know by going through the entire RFP process that the contract award was done based on clinical evaluations. So, we knew it met the standardization criteria and gave us a product we were happy with.

Tony, how did HealthPRO’s Signature contracting service complement your efforts as the procurement lead for this initiative?  In particular, I know ensuring that 25 facilities across five regions were adequately equipped with trial equipment, as well as collecting their subsequent trial results, was a significant endeavour that you worked diligently on. Did HealthPRO play a role in helping bring that full circle?

All of it was a huge undertaking.  HealthPRO really helped with the logistics – from coming in to conduct the paper-based evaluations with us here in Winnipeg to coordinating the webinars, the meetings and conference calls.

Debbie, how did HealthPRO’s signature contracting service complement your efforts as the clinical lead for this initiative?  For instance, I understand you worked diligently to ensure accurate device configuration specifications (paediatric, neonatal and adult) which required you to consult with an array of clinical resource teams. Was HealthPRO able to play a role in helping you with that process?

HealthPRO helped us stay on track, ensuring we were meeting our timelines and providing wonderful documentation. They assisted with the project timelines. They assisted with product evaluations. Acting as a central liaison and communications lead between us and the vendor was excellent.

The thing that impressed me was that we never got stalled, as you often do on large projects like this. From a project management perspective, that was very helpful. Perhaps most importantly, HealthPRO’s expertise allowed our clinicians to focus on the clinical piece of the project. Their clinical expertise was what they brought to the table.


What was the benefit of working with HealthPRO on these contacts?

Tony: This is the first Signature solution we’ve used and I see a lot of benefits. We get to dictate how we are going to be doing things. That’s really a big benefit. As well, other members can also sign on to the contract after we’ve done the work. And, an important benefit is that we are going to get better pricing.

For us, the POCT came along at the perfect time and was a perfect fit for us.

Debbie: We will never have a concern about going into a Signature contract with HealthPRO. In fact, we’ve had a couple of other contracts come up and the first question is: “is this something we can do as a Signature contract?”

The beauty of this—from a clinical perspective—it allows the clinicians to focus on the clinical aspects of the contract, and on the product. That’s fantastic.


While Signature contracts are tailored to meet a particular need, HealthPRO endeavours to make all contracts scalable for national participation where possible, including the Point of Care Testing (SC04053PL) contract which is currently open for commitment across the country.


For additional information on this and other Signature contracting opportunities, please contact:

Lorrie Ann Scales
Director, Signature Services
905-658-3478 ext. 513