November 16, 2016

HealthPRO National Multi-Supplier Awards: Driving Choice and Savings

Three years ago, HealthPRO introduced multi-supplier awards to address the increasing complexity and diversity of our members’ needs across the country. This strategy has proven to be very beneficial for our members, especially for Shared Service Organizations and Health Authorities whose contracts are used by a large group of hospitals.

With a multi-supplier award, members are made aware of the prequalified suppliers who have been awarded by HealthPRO. They then have the ability to make a customized decision based on their specific clinical and business requirements, while benefiting from the collective buying power of the national group.

“Our members have reported that this strategy can make it much easier to commit to contracts, for example when a contract for a consumable is tied to capital equipment,” says Kendra Frey, Senior Director, Materials Management. “Members also appreciate the flexibility of evaluating considerations specific to their facility or group, such as cost of conversion, which is not possible under a single supplier award scenario.”

For more information on multi-supplier awards, please contact:

Kendra Frey
Senior Director, Materials Management
905-568-3478 ext. 320