February 27, 2017

HealthPRO Congratulates CSHP Safe Medication Practices Award Recipients, Nicole MacDonald, Leslie Manuel, Haley Brennan and Richard Wanbon

Nicole MacDonald, Leslie Manuel, Haley Brennan and Richard Wanbon have been awarded the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) Safe Medication Practices Award.

This award comes on the heels of a study completed at the Moncton Hospital in New Brunswick, which looked at how well non-acute patients waiting in the emergency department (ED) completed a self-guided Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) form, which has positive implications for patient safety.

“When a patient comes into the ED, they are given medication and sent home with a prescription but it may be something that causes an adverse reaction,” said Nicole MacDonald, who was project lead and a pharmacy resident at the Moncton Hospital at the time of the study was undertaken.


Having the BPMH form helps in the collection of patient history and notes what the patient has been prescribed over the last three months.

“If patients have filled out the form we will know, for example, about what antibiotics they have received previously and that perhaps they should not be prescribed the same one,” said Nicole.


The results of the study were very encouraging.


“When we tallied up the responses on the forms, we found that 91% of patients were able to complete the form with few clinical discrepancies.”


The impetus for undertaking this study came from changes Accreditation Canada was making regarding the need for EDs to undertake a medication reconciliation process for patients who were in the ED but would not be admitted.


Based on the findings from the study, the BPMH form could be used in a number of ways.


“I’ve had preliminary talks with our ED about its use,” said Leslie Clinical Pharmacy Manager as well as a Clinical Pharmacist in Emergency Medicine at the Moncton Hospital.  “As well, I need to bring the form back to our regional accreditation team to see if there is the potential to roll it out in all EDs in the Horizon Health Network.”


Outside of a hospital setting, the BPMH form could be used in an ambulatory-care setting.


“Patients could fill it out while waiting and it would be a way of not only finding out about their medication history but also what type of health insurance the patient has,” said Nicole.


The project was submitted to the Research Ethics Board to undertake the study and the project manuscript has been accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy.


Congratulations to all of you!


About the CSHP General Awards Program
The General Awards Program recognizes CSHP members who have completed projects of importance to hospital pharmacy practice in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings. General Awards are offered in six categories including:

  • Management and Leadership Best Practice Award
  • New Technology Award
  • Patient Care Enhancement Award
  • Pharmacotherapy Best Practices Award
  • Safe Medication Practices Award
  • Specialties in Pharmacy Practice Award
  • Teaching, Learning, and Education Award

HealthPRO is proud to support the CSHP Awards Program and encourages members to submit their projects that enhance safe medication practices.