Collaboration that Works

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Leading National Standards

HealthPRO collaborates with healthcare stakeholders across Canada to advance leading procurement standards and practices on a national level.

Examples of our work to date include advancing the use of GS1 global standards to help members achieve operational efficiencies and enhance patient safety, developing objective, reproducible scoring and safety standards and helping inform Health Canada's labelling guidelines to reduce preventable medication errors.

Designing Innovative Procurement Strategies

HealthPRO is invested in strengthening the Canadian healthcare supply chain to ensure it is safe, cost-effective and reliable. We work closely with our members and suppliers on an ongoing basis to create procurement strategies that deliver the best value to members across the country and promote assurance of supply.

For example, HealthPRO has introduced multi-award contracts to address the unique needs of our members. Under this strategy, members are advised of the prequalified suppliers in advance of commitment, allowing them to make a customized decision based on their unique criteria while taking advantage of HealthPRO's national pricing. This strategy also considers the importance of assurance of supply by awarding multiple players and encourages stronger market competition.

In pharmacy, HealthPRO has introduced split award contracts for hospital-specific, medically-necessary drugs. This contracting method can help protect members from unexpected drug shortages by providing them with a second source of supply.

Providing Supply Chain Leadership

We believe innovative solutions happen when organizations support strong and active collaboration across stakeholder networks.

HealthPRO strives to be a strong national voice for its members. In addition to convening healthcare committees, commissioning sector surveys and providing regular news updates and alerts, we are consistently involved in cross-industry roundtables, publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals, and taking member concerns directly to the political leaders whose decisions affect our healthcare system every day.

Supply Chain Leadership

Examples of collaboration at work


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Five hospitals in Ontario sign-on for telepharmacy services

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Improving the Safe Use of Medications

Canada’s Healthcare Innovation Challenge, May 12, 2015

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Drug shortages: Canadian strategies for a complex global problem


International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) Global Regulatory Meeting October 26, 2016

Presentation by Kathy Boyle, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO: Designing Medication Safety at the Global Level

Conference Board of Canada’s Value-Based Procurement and Innovation Conference May 24 & 25, 2016

Panel presentation by Kendra Frey, Senior Director, Materials Management, HealthPRO

Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) Conference on Drug Oversight, Safety & Supply November 20, 2015

Presentation by Kathy Boyle, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO

Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement October 29, 2015

Panel facilitation by Kathy Boyle, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO.

HSCN Panel: Industry Views on Innovative Procurement & Procuring for Innovation May 12, 2015

Panel presentation by Krista Stagliano, Vice President, Materials Management, HealthPRO [Download Innovation Feature]

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) Symposium. April 6, 2014

Panel presentation by Krista Stagliano, Vice President, Materials Management, HealthPRO: Generation and Use of Health Technology Assessments for Medical Devices: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities

Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, February 26, 2014

Witness testimonial by Kathy Boyle, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO: The nature of unintended consequences in the use of prescription pharmaceuticals View the transcript

House of Commons Standing Committee on Health, Mar 27, 2012

Parliament Address by Kathy Boyle, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO: Study of the role of government and industry in determining drug supply in Canada View the transcript

Healthcare Supply Chain Network Conference, Monday, May 13, 2013

Session address by Kathy Boyle, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO: The Collaborative Supply Chain Watch the address

Healthcare Supply Chain Network Conference, Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Panel presentation by Liana Scott, Vice President, Member Support, HealthPRO: The Evolution of Healthcare Procurement: GPOs, SSOs and the Hospital

Ontario Health Association Health Achieve Conference, November 4, 2013

Session address by Kathy, Boyle, Vice President, Pharmacy Services:
Inspiring Ideas to Mitigate Canadian Drug Shortages: Collective Commitment to Achieve Trusted Supply