Advisory Committees

HealthPRO's advisory committees are an integral part of the decision-making process for product and service evaluation and contract awards. Our committees continue to act as a catalyst for peer-to-peer networking, education and knowledge-sharing that returns key insights and practices to local organizations across the country.

Healthcare Leadership Advisory Council (HLAC)

The Healthcare Leadership Advisory Council (HLAC) is a strategic advisory group comprised of senior-level supply chain and clinical leaders from across HealthPRO’s membership. HLAC members provide input into the overall strategic direction of Clinical (CL/CS) service areas within HealthPRO and formulate strategies to impact issues that affect the Canadian healthcare market, such as innovation, global standards and patient safety.

Clinical Contract Advisory Committee (CCAC)

The Clinical Contract Advisory Committee (CCAC) is a member-based committee comprised of Clinical end users, Materials Management Professionals and Shared Service Organization/Provincial Clinical Strategic Leaders. CCAC members provide input into clinical contract strategy, develop clinical criteria and perform product prequalification for HealthPRO Clinical Services contracts.

Clinical Subcommittees

Specialty subcommittees are created as needed based on the complexity of each product group and the potential need for product evaluation by experts in a specialized field. Subcommittee volunteers participate in a rigorous process to assess product quality and safety against established criteria. HealthPRO has assembled subcommittees for recent contracts such as hand hygiene, gloves, IV therapy and respiratory therapy.

Pharmacy Advisory Council

Our Pharmacy Advisory Council (PAC) is made up of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from a diverse group of healthcare facilities across the country. For efficiency and effectiveness, the PAC is divided into two committees. The Pharmacy Operational Committee, which helps ensure pharmacy products and services are high quality, safe and well suited for hospital use, and the Pharmacy Developmental Committee, which provides input on HealthPRO Pharmacy business and strategic plans, ensuring that they reflect the evolving needs of members.

Nutrition and Food Services Advisory Committee

The Nutrition and Food Services Advisory Committee (NFSAC) brings together healthcare Food Service and Procurement experts from across Canada. These individuals represent HealthPRO’s diverse membership of acute and long-term care facilities in urban and rural settings, and their various meal delivery systems. NFSAC members actively contribute to contract strategy development for Nutrition and Food Service contracts which includes helping to determine whether an award will be single or multi-supplier, the length and scope of contracts, and compliance levels. An integral component of the Committee’s responsibilities, members also help define RFP specifications and participate in the product evaluation and qualification process.

Plant Engineering Advisory Committee

The Plant Engineering Advisory Committee (PEAC) is responsible for providing input on the RFQ/RFP process for Support Services contracts, proposing new contract opportunities and setting the course for future Energy and Natural Gas contracts. The PEAC is comprised of HealthPRO members with expertise in Engineering, Housekeeping and Facilities & Operations.

Facilities Management Advisory Committee

Comprised of member-based facility management professionals and subject matter experts from across the country, the Facilities Management Advisory Committee (FMAC) helps guide HealthPRO contract strategies and assists in the development of RFP criteria. The FMAC is focused on contracts that impact the day-to-day operations of a hospital such as Housekeeping, Waste Removal, Linens, Document Destruction and Office Supplies.