October 18, 2017

New HealthPRO Medication Evaluation Measure Increases Barcoding on Unit-of-Use by 22%

In January 2017, HealthPRO, in consultation with the Pharmacy Advisory Council, implemented a new measure to improve barcoding on injectable products’ unit-of-use.

“Injectable products are primarily used in hospitals, and present the greatest risk to patients should there be a selection error,” says Nancy Giovinazzo, Senior Clinical Director, HealthPRO. “To enhance safety around these medications, we advised the supplier community that injectable products submitted as part of a competitive HealthPRO Pharmacy RFP which did not include a barcode on the unit-of-use, would receive a product evaluation score of zero, which makes up a significant portion of the total score for this product category.”

This measure seems to have had a positive impact as GS1 barcodes were present on the unit-of-use on 92 per cent of Hospital Injectables submitted to HealthPRO for Product Evaluation in June, up 22 per cent from the combined number of injectables submitted as part of the 2015 and 2016 RFPs.

“HealthPRO has been promoting the adoption of barcodes by suppliers on the unit-of-use for the last several years,” says Christine Donaldson, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO. “We have seen significant progress across a number of product categories, and we are pleased to see this change in our evaluation strategy has had such a positive result.”

For more information, please contact:

Nancy Giovinazzo
Senior Clinical Director, Pharmacy Services
905-568-3478 ext. 269