January 08, 2018

Multi-Supplier Award Contracts Drive Value for Members

In 2013, HealthPRO introduced Multi-Supplier Award (MSA) contracts to address the increasing complexity and diversity of our members’ needs across the country.  Under this strategy, members are required to select one supplier amongst those prequalified, providing the ability to make a customized decision based on unique clinical or business requirements and driving standardization across multiple sites.

There is also growing evidence that MSA awards are a significant source of cost savings, often far beyond a single award strategy. One such example is the round of clinical contracts which began on December 1, 2017, which in some cases are generating savings upwards of 40 per cent over the previous contract.

“HealthPRO’s contracts inherently bring value to the Saskatchewan Healthcare system, both financially and through process efficiencies,” says Colin Karst, Director, Provincial Contracting, 3sHealth. “But the flexibility of the multi-supplier award strategy to choose what best suits our needs, with additional savings on top of that really drives value for us, and ultimately frontline patient care.”

To learn more, please contact:

Kendra Frey
Senior Director, Materials Management
905-568-3478 ext. 320