May 09, 2018

Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) Conference May 14-16, 2018







HealthPRO is proud to support the annual Healthcare Supply Chain Network conference, and pleased to introduce this year’s Keynote Speaker, Louise Wendling who is a founder and past CEO of Canada’s retail giant, Costco.

Louise will share how Costco’s adaptable approach and innovative culture changed the retail landscape in a dramatic way and how she helped grow company sales from $18 million to $18 billion during her tenure. Louise will also share some of her wide-ranging experiences in operations, merchandising and strategic planning to describe the role played by Costco in influencing supply chain in Canada.

Also this year, Christine Donaldson, Vice President, Pharmacy Services at HealthPRO will host a panel discussion on the impact of vendor dialogue and how it can encourage important supply chain transformation in any healthcare sector, whether in materials management, food or pharmacy, while capturing measurable results.

Christine will be joined by Marvin Butler, Regional Manager, Pharmacy Services, Eastern Health in Newfoundland (formerly with Eli Lilly and GSK) and Allison Wills, Partner/Consultant 20Sense (formerly with Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson).