March 09, 2017

Price is just one piece of HealthPRO’s sourcing puzzle

Members who participate in HealthPRO’s contracts undoubtedly benefit from the best price due to nationally aggregated volumes.  However, as Brenda Brugos, Clinical Director at HealthPRO explains, price is just one piece of the contracting puzzle.  

“Of the two-year process involved in creating a HealthPRO clinical contract, nearly one and a half years is dedicated to understanding and evaluating product usability,” says Ms. Brugos. “A clinical product’s usability is always evaluated prior to pricing considerations.”

HealthPRO’s clinical contracting process is led by an internal team of Registered Nurses who engage member-based Subject Matter Experts. An integral part of this process consists of developing robust clinical criteria against which supplier responses and products are evaluated. For instance, HealthPRO considers specific features of a product that aim to promote patient comfort.


“Getting a needle is inherently uncomfortable,” says Jane Schouten, Clinical Director, HealthPRO. “Therefore, in our evaluations, we look for needle design features that reduce discomfort for the patient.” Other examples might include looking for products that minimize skin damage when removing an adhesive product, or ensuring incontinence products can accommodate various body shapes and sizes.

Human Factors is also an important component of HealthPRO’s product evaluation criteria, encompassing design elements such as intuitive use for the end-user, an ergonomic design, or as Ms. Schouten explains, being in line with what an end-user knows to be true of their experience with a product. “When we are looking at an IV pump, the expectation is that buttons are easy to locate, or that a product is easily used by both left and right-handed people,” she adds.

“While specific criteria will vary based on the product, overall quality and patient safety are mainstays,” says Kathy Kennedy, Director of Clinical and Clinical Specialties, HealthPRO. “Safe, high quality products contribute to optimal patient care and we are able to ensure these are the primary considerations in our clinical contracting process while still offering competitive pricing.”

For more information, please contact:

Kathy Kennedy
Director, Clinical and Clinical Specialties

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